Our Mission, Vision & Core Values


Nonprofit CPAs is a network of CPA firms serving nonprofits nationwide. The primary purpose of the organization is to provide its members with resources in education and marketing as well as foster networking among members in order to provide high-quality comprehensive business advisory services to the nonprofit industry.


The Executive Committee of Nonprofit CPAs envisions the following for the organization:


Members of the Executive Committee have identified the following organizational values:

Therefore, all membership experiences, as well as interactions with prospective members, vendors, and the general public, will seek to uphold these values. In doing so, the leadership believes that the true membership experience in the Nonprofit CPAs will be rewarding and valuable. As these values reinforce the core reason for the organization to exist, they are central to the membership experience and the organization's brand.

Nonprofit CPAs is a subsidiary of The Rainmaker Alliances, a service line of The Rainmaker Companies