2020 SuperConference Presentations

Keynote: Designing Your Firm to Thrive in the Next Decade - Michael Platt
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There has never been a more exciting time to be in the profession. New products, new services, new career opportunities and new ways to assist clients are proliferating daily. The footprint of successful firms in the 2020s will be significantly larger and more expansive than the traditional services that have defined the profession for decades. But while opportunity is around every corner, it will only be realized by firms that see it and seize on it. This session will mix robust benchmarking data of where the profession is today, provide quantitative views of where it is changing, and will share ideas on how your firm can adopt some of the exciting opportunities that will lead to a brighter (and more sustainable) future.

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Nonprofit Best Practices Roundtable - Dan Weaver, CBM
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Roundtable sessions offer attendees the ability to share, discuss, and take away ideas and information that can be used to grow and improve their practice. In this facilitated session, attendees have the opportunity to openly discuss industry topics, opportunities, challenges, and best practices. The roundtable sessions are an impactful forum that allow for a deeper discussion of industry issues.

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Nonprofit Considerations in Managing your PPP Loan
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SBA's PPP loan program has provided many nonprofits with much needed relief during this time of crisis. We will recap the basics of the program, but also discuss nonprofit specific considerations, including how PPP proceeds interact with restricted funding.

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Nonprofit Proposal Success Lab
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In this session, you will hear from firms about winning proposals, proposals that were lost, and what was learned from those experiences. Gather new ideas, learn about best practices, ask questions, and understand different proposal processes to increase your chances of winning your next proposal.

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Thriving in a World of Change - Angie Grissom, Adelaide Ness and Scott Moore,The Rainmaker Companies
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In this session, we discuss how professionals can best navigate the current environment, opportunities available, and how to position yourself and your teams for success.

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