Initial Analysis of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) (S. 748)

What’s in the Bill for Nonprofits?

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Rainmaker COVID-19 Resource Center

Rainmaker is committed to supporting you through the current COVID-19 situation and always. We want to be a valuable resource that you can call upon at any time to help assist you through any challenges or uncertainties you have.

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What Now?... Implementation of Key Initiatives - Adelaide Ness, The Rainmaker Companies
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Trusted Advisor. It’s what we’re all striving to be, right? And yet, what does it really mean? It’s sort of a “buzzword” in the industry, right? In this session, Adelaide Ness will talk you through what it means to be a Trusted Advisor and break it down into tactical ways to walk up that value ladder with our best clients. It’s all about credibility, reliability and intimacy. Learn how to increase your score as a Trusted Advisor and truly set yourself apart from the competition.

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Nonprofit New Tax Laws & Legislative Update - Melisa Beauchamp
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Over the past few years, the Non-Profit industry has been disrupted by various events and legislation. This session is a discussion about the Tax Cut and Jobs Act and other industry updates.

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3 Strategies for Double Digit Growth - Adelaide Ness
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Nonprofit CPA members have delivered the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional course to students all over the country, and by doing so our members have learned how to do so, efficiently and effectively. In this roundtable style session, facilitated by Andrea Mills, we will share lessons-learned, best-practices, and areas for future exploration.

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Nonprofit Emerging Trends & New Standards - Bob Reynolds

In this session we will discuss implementation of the new financial reporting standards for nonprofits as well as some emerging trends in the nonprofit arena and how they can create new service opportunities.

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Creating a Positive Customer Experience that Leads to Long-Term Loyalty
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The concept of customer experience has been around since the first time someone sold something to someone else. But the idea of being incredibly intentional about it is relatively new to the accounting profession. Going far beyond an annual client satisfaction survey, true disciples of creating a unique and lasting customer experience know it takes a good deal of planning, regular input from your clients and the buy-in of your entire organization. In this session, we will hear from panelists in different industries about their view of customer experience, how they created and implemented it, and the results of their efforts. We will also discuss what it takes to implement this at your own firm, pitfalls to avoid, and what you can realistically expect in terms of loyalty and growth. Come with your own questions for this panel of experts!

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CNAP Advanced - Course Materials

All of your CNAP Advanced Course PowerPoint Presentation can be downloaded from here.

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CNAP Essentials - Administration

Here you will find all of the administration documents for the CNAP program for creating and issuing CNAP Certificates.

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CNAP Logos

These are the CNAP Essentials and CNAP Advanced logos to be used.

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