CNAP Branding Standards

This is a set of guidelines for your to follow for the colors and graphic elements; logo specs and messaging that comprise the CNAP brand.

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CNAP Essentials - Marketing Materials

Here are all of the marketing materials that you will need to get your CNAP class up and running.

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CNAP Essentials - Course Materials

All of your CNAP Essentials Course Materials can be downloaded from here.

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What is the Nonprofit CPAs Community?

Learn more about this community platform for industry focused professionals who are serious about client growth and service.

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Tips on How to Take Your Website to the Next Level

5 Steps to Powerful Industry Websites.

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Individual Giving Trends and Your Nonprofit’s Development Plan

Want to learn more about how to make a development plan?

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Enhancing Transparency: New Liquidity Disclosures for Not-for-Profits

Are you interested in how new standards might affect reporting requirements for nonprofit financial statements? This article discusses how to assess current systems, technology, policies, and procedures to meet the new requirements and better allow stakeholders to make recommendations.

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Key Contacts to Help With Your Membership
Members Only

We want you to get the fullest out of your Nonprofit CPAs membership. Learn who your key contacts are to assist you with all of your needs.

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Nonprofit CPAs New Member Welcome Documents
Members Only

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National Speaking and Publishing Opportunities

How to Grow Your Personal Brand in the Industry

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